But that’s okay, because I have an awesome friend that doesn’t mind that.

especially hand written things… probably because my hand writing is dreadful.

In this week’s episode rika, kisses yutas chek for the first time, and it reminded me of the time my ex-girlfriend kissed my cheek. It was a nice little nostalgic moment that put me in a better mood.

I usually have the random influx of feelings for about 10 minutes then im good, but this has become a whole day kind of thing. And its kind of frustrating

GG, I’M DONE. I BEAT THE GAME, I QUIT!lol jk, I’ll be waiting for my LCS contract


lol jk, I’ll be waiting for my LCS contract

I might be misinterpreting, but I am still happy that I made some impact in your life, no matter how insignificant it seems now

… like what? Lolololol

I secretly hope to bump into you whenever I’m here :-/

Anonymous Asked: 25-33

Incoming Long ass post!

25. Sexual Orientation : I am le straight

26. Relationship status: I honestly dont know. I guess I would say it is “seeing someone” but I have a very… skewed view on relationship status’

27. 5 Physical Turn-ons: Smiles, a girl with a beautiful smile is just… wow; Eyes nothing really shocking there; Nape of the neck, i really don’t know why; Back, seeing a woman in a dress with no back, and when its all smooth… yeah i’m weird leave me alone; Legs, they don’t have to be long slender legs, but as long as they fit the curvature of girl’s body, and “flow” with her body. I know that really doesn’t make sense but again, I am weird.

28. 5 physical turn offs: These aren’t really things that will make me hate a person or completely disregard them, these are more things that bother me. Excessive make-up, like extreme levels of it. I understand ladies want to look pretty, but there is a point that you are actually hiding your face/features; crooked teeth, because smiles are one of the first things I noticed about a girl, I also notice their teeth. Yeah that’s about it.

29. 5 personality turn ons: Someone that can hold a good conversation. There is nothing better than being able to converse with someone about something meaningful (or less) and just be completely lost in the conversation; Someone who manages their time well, probably just because I cannot really do it; Someone that is intellgent; Someone that can fart in front of me, I DO NOT KNOW WHY. But I see that as the most flattering thing in the world. If a girl can just be with you (and maybe a close group of friends) and just let one rip, it is like “wow, she is a ‘real’ person.”; Speaking and writing while using correct grammar, probably not like someone that is a grammar nazi, but someone that knows to use the subjective tense or something colons and semicolons.

30. 5 personality turn offs: Indecisiveness, the whole “what do you want to eat/do” conversation bothers the living shit out of me, because i know you have some idea of what you want to eat/do; Passive aggressiveness; Ignorance, one of the most annoying things is trying to prove a point to someone that has not do proper research; nothing else really comes to mind.

31. First Kiss: This was in 8th grade? I had recently told a girl that I had liked her for a while, and she said she also liked me. I don’t remember the exact way it happened, but i just remember i kissed her, and it was like “zomg i finally got to kiss her.”

32. First Sex Story Well it was with my first and only “real” girlfriend. My mom was on vacation for some reason, so she slept over. It wasn’t  that “magical” experience because both of us were virgins, and I was so anxious about the whole thing because  we didn’t really know how things were going to be. I really liked her and sex was… idk a big thing for me back then. I mean it is still important, but this was her first time and I wanted it to be special for her. i’m very happy it was with someone special

33. First Date I honestly don’t even remember my first date so i’ll tell you about the one i remember most. The most memorable date I’ve ever had was probably my 1 year anniversary date with my ex. We went to Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center). I can actually say that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Seeing her in her dress and cardigan with NY skyline behind was pretty breath-taking.

This post will be about how life is currently, so if you are not interested, welp, just don’t read it.

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So i had a dream about someone that was once important to me. It wasnt like we were together in the dream, but we were friends again. We talked about intimate things that you could share with someone that was close with you. It was just so nice to be able to speak with her and have fun.

Oh well it was just a dream, but it was pleasant

I hate school and what it does to me.

And as long as you need me to be this way, i will. I have someone special right now, but for some reason, the minute you communicate with me, the world around me is disappears. There is no past, no future, just our conversation. There is no controlling the flow of conversation, no listening for certain cues, just the conversation.

I can not promise that the feelings I have buried so deep within my being will never resurface, but i can promise you that i will play the role you need me to play.

And the only person i can think of is her. Damn it, i might actually like this girl. NOT USED TO THIS FEELING.