Hi my name is Xiao. I live in New York I am currently pursuing a degree in Health Sciences.

League, fitness stuff, random animes, games all that good stuff.

Other than that I am a regular person. I go out, work, study like any other person

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No varus
-not sure how i feel. I personally find him lane phase destroyer. His skill set provides for a lot of harass, and dragon damage/control.

Ryze changes
- dont know why ryze got these changes. They said that it was to make him less tanky and late game reliant, but he now he has pressence throughout the game and people will still grab the same items because they still work well for him. So riot, you just made a strong hero even stronger with very misguided rationals

Irelia buffs
- yay! I honestly have loved irelia even after all the nerfs. I still think she is the best (besides olaf and yorick, cause quite frankly its damn hard to beat those two) top laner. I really did not like her recent hiten style nerf because it gimped her lane presence and early lane phase is so important for a lot of top champions. But now the upped her base hp and damage as well as her hp per level. Even though it doesnt make up for nerfing her to the ground, it takes the sting out.

No athenes grails…
- fuck you riot! I actually was looking forward to this! But this gives me time to pratice anivia (jesus christ it is taking me forever to learn how to use that stun. Walls and ultis are are fine. I need to clean up team fighting as well.) and i think im going to try it on cassio as well as swain.

Those are the few things that caught my eye in this patch. The other changes seem warranted or dont affect me in anyway :-p

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